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Два замка. Два века XIX - XXI и Баварский стиль Людвига короля-Лебедя

Neuschwanstein Bayern                                                                                                                                   Dalian, China

Dalian, Liaoning, China: The former Shell Museum in Dalian (2009). After relocating the museum to its new building, the castle was used as a premium hotel location

Modern Dalian originated from Qingniwa (Chinese: 青泥洼; pinyin: Qīngníwā; literally: 'cyan mud swamp') or Qingniwaqiao (Chinese: 青泥洼桥; pinyin: Qīngníwāqiáo; literally: 'bridge over the cyan mud swamp'), a small fishing village. Russia built a commercial town for the Kwantung Leased Territory after assuming control in 1898 and called it "Dalniy" (Russian: Дальний, romanized: Dal'nii, lit. 'a remote one (in reference to the town's location)',[10] rendered as Chinese: 达里尼; pinyin: Dálǐní) from 1898–1905. After the Russo-Japanese War, Japan occupied the Kwantung Leased Territory and renamed the city Dairen (Japanese: 大連/だいれん)[10] after the Chinese name for Dalian Bay (simplified Chinese: 大连湾; traditional Chinese: 大連灣; pinyin: Dàlián Wān). English sources called the city "Dairen" in this period, from the Japanese.
In 1950, Dalian merged with nearby town called Lüshun (Chinese: 旅顺) (formerly "Ryojun" and before that, "Port Arthur") to form the city of Lüda[10] (Chinese: 旅大; pinyin: Lǚdà), a name formed from the first syllable of each constituent's name which was usually rendered as Luta in English during that era. In 1981, the State Council again renamed the city, from Lüda to "Dalian" (simplified Chinese: 大连; traditional Chinese: 大連; pinyin: Dàlián, the same Chinese characters as Japanese Dairen), effective 5 March 1981.


Dalian (chinesisch 大連市 / 大连市, Pinyin Dàlián Shì, W.-G. Talien Shìh; jap. Dairen-shi, kurz: 連 / 连, Lián), historisch Lüda bzw. Lüta (旅大市, Lǚdà Shì, Lǚta Shìh), ist eine Hafenstadt in der Provinz Liaoning, China.

Dalian Liaoning China Shell-Museum-01.jpg

“Pearl City of the Sea”

Neuschwanstein Castle

Dalian Castle - Hotel

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